STOP struggling with

“What the heck do post today?” 


and start sharing 

authority-building content 

on social media


Stop Struggling with 

“what the heck do I post today?”


and start sharing authority-building content on social media...EVERY SINGLE DAY!

The world of digital marketing is finally ready for...

The one-and-only social media prompt machine that course creators are using to start selling more courses and grow their audiences 

in just 30 seconds!

IMAGINE what it would be like to:

  • Generate social media content in 30 seconds or less (perfect for people who overthink about what to post) 
  • Eliminate the stress of trying to come up with ideas of what and post and what to say (to help you overcome that blinking cursor of doom)
  • Create authority-based content using the ACES method to attract your ideal students and sell more courses (without looking salesy)
  • Save hours and hours a month planning your content (so you can stop wasting time deciding what to post and spend it doing money making tasks in your business)
  • Track the right metrics to make sure you maximize effort (without needing do obsess over likes and followers every day)
  • Build a marketing plan that helps you grow your audience in-between launches or generate more consistent sales if you’re evergreen (so you build a list of buyers who want to join your course)
  • Increase your engagement on the platforms where your ideal students hang (so you can stay top of mind before, during, and after your launch...AKA always top of mind!)
  • Promote your brand, services and courses (without feeling like you're "over-selling")

How does this tool actually help you sell more spots in your course and grow your audience...EVERY day of the year?

Here’s how it works:

On Course Social allows you to enter in your launch dates (including open and cart close dates) and DYNAMICALLY inputs prompts to fill your masterclass and then adds other prompts on the rest of your calendar...for a total of 2 years!!!

It’s jam-packed with over 400 prompts that amplify your authority and present you as the go-to expert on your course topic!

It really is the ONLY social media prompt generating machine...made for course creators by a course creator (and professor, tehehe)!

And if you don’t like a prompt??? 

Hit shuffle and watch the content move around like magic! You can also input your own prompts that will be filled the next time you shuffle.

It’s basically MAGIC.

All other planners and prompts fell short for me and my course creator students. 

They were hard to edit, clumsy, and didn’t connect with the course I was launching. 

So, I made what I needed.

Pretty awesome, right?

Unlike other social media calendars...

(that don’t focus on the needs of course creators and their launch schedules) 

ON COURSE SOCIAL helps you create content that demonstrates your expertise so you can sell your course all year long (even while you’re not launching)!

CHECK OUT ALL THESE PROMPTS!!!! works on for ALL Social Media Channels!

I see you. 

You’re a course creator whose content REALLY does change lives, but the selling and launching and selling and launching roller coaster is sucking you dry.

You’re sick of posting willy nilly on all the social media platforms and hoping it’s enough to sell your course! (In fact...that image with all those platforms gives you hives.)

But you’re tired of being STUCK with...

NO audience, 

NO students, 

NO time, and 

NO clue how to put yourself out there CONSISTENTLY!?

If you could just find a way...

 to create content that shows your expertise, 

grows your reach, 

and doesn’t take hours and hours to create every day, 

you’ll finally be able to have the sold out launch of your dreams.

Ready to get honest?
How much time are you spending:
  • Scrolling on your fav platform without engaging or posting anything?
  • Worrying about whether your following, your list, or your audience is BIG enough to launch your course?
  • Writing and designing and liking and sharing...and and and and...but still getting no course sales?
  • Moving your launch date (again!) because you don’t think you posted enough?
  • Deleting all the social media apps on your phone so you don’t feel like crap every time you open them?

When you should be spending it on sharing your expertise, growing your business, increasing profits, 

and leading your team.


The success of your next launch is ALL about what you do BEFORE you launch, not DURING!

No more RANDOM prompts that are devoid of meaning or value that just add likes and not buyers.

No more FEAR about whether or not you showed up enough before you announce your course.

No more DOUBT about what to post, where, and how often.


CLARITY that comes with consistent social media presence, 

TIME to deepen relationships with your audience, 

FREEDOM from any guilt you feel when you ghost your people.

Maybe you'd finally get to focus on what matters in your business: 

growth, relationships, and getting to spend more time teaching!

Who created this thing, anyway?
Hey there,
I’m Dr. Lindsay Padilla,
EX- professor and entrepreneur EXTRAORDINAIRE!
And simply put, I’m the powerhouse teacher you’ve been looking for because I’ve been helping educators, experts and entrepreneurs create amazing courses (and the income streams that come with them) over….
And over...
And over again!

After years in academia, I was shocked when I landed in the world of entrepreneurship and realized the deep, unspoken secret of online courses…

Most of the people selling courses didn’t actually know how to teach! 

And if they did, they didn't know how to sell 😳

That means that the very course creators who CAN actually change lives were likely feeling salesy when they talk about their courses on social media, which makes for a very unique problem.

What if we combined our strengths as TEACHERS with the power of marketing??? What would that look like???

That’s why I created On Course Social. To show the online world a better way to share and engage on our favorite that takes LESS time, LESS energy, and LESS worry!

 On Course Social is made for the course creator who:

...knows that they have so much to offer their followers, but struggles with what to say

...feels guilty when they don’t engage with their audience regularly, but genuinely wants to build relationships online

...stresses about hitting their launch goals, but wants more direction about what daily habits to change

 And is NOW ready to: up as the expert that they are

...enroll hundreds of students every year so that they can build the course business of their dreams and change the lives of those they help

Here’s all the AMAZINGness you get:

On Course Social Calendar Tool

(Value $197)

Completely customizable social media prompts for TWO YEARS, starting with the month you purchase! Usable for all popular social media platforms.

Launch Planner + Prompt Generator

 (Value $147)

Plug in your launch dates and On Course Social fills out your calendar! Prompts automagically fill 10 days prior to your masterclass, making sure you fill it up to the max, and then shares what to post and when...DURING your launch!

ACES Method for Prompt Creation

 (Value $47)

This is my tried-and-true content categories to help you demonstrate your expertise, show your personal side, engage with your audience, and sell without being salesy. The prompts will leave you with a stack of ACES ;)

Shuffle Magic

 (Value $47)

Don’t like a prompt? You can auto-magically shuffle the prompts until one feels good. Don't want to post on weekends? If you don't want to see US can turn them off! These are ALL the options you have to customize your prompt-generating experience.

Social Media Analytics Reporting System

(Value $47)

Make sure you’re tracking what platforms are working! This easy-to-use template will have you looking at the right numbers.

Quick Start Guide

(Value $27)

A quick instructional video to help you get started the right way...because I’m a teacher. I won’t leave you hanging!

The On Course Social System alone is EASILY worth $485.

 Oh, but there’s more…

It's time to create and fill your course with EASE.

So where'd this MILLION DOLLAR IDEA come from?

I worked with a client who sold spots to a course that was taught live and "on the fly" with basically zero prep. 

I refined the process and taught a beta course using the exact method I'm sharing during this event. 

(Yes, I actually used the process myself.)

I sold 15 spots, at $600 each, in a week.

It all starts with this secret:


BONUS #1: How to grow your authority and build your list using the 4 types of media 

(Value $47)

An eight-page workbook that maps out your content plan in the most efficient way possible. This is how you will double the impact of the On Course Social tool.

BONUS #2: Social Media Powerhouse Series 

(Value $297)

Actionable interviews with the top experts of every social media platform on how to sell more courses, engage with you people, and grow your audience. Leading experts like Rachel Miller, Molly Mahony, Rachel Pederson, and MANY MORE!

BONUS #3: Batch it! Automate and schedule 3 months of Content in 1 Week

(Value $197)

This workshop walks through a step-by-step process to create 3 months of social media content in 1 week with Jordan Gil, Founder of Team of One and CEO of Systems Saved Me.


Podcast Feed

(Value $27)

Every interview, workshop, and module is sent to a private feed for you to listen on the go! All thanks to

If you want to quickly create content that attracts your ideal students, increase engagement and relationships with your audience while growing every day, and build out a marketing plan that helps you crush your launch goals…

If you find you’re not 100% satisfied with the On Course Social calendar tool after 30 days, I will offer you a full questions asked.

Please, take the full 30 days to explore the materials, plan your launches, and experience the absolute joy that having content planned out for you creates! 

And if you’re not happy, contact me within 30 days and I will gladly refund every penny.

Here’s what you get for your $19, RISK FREE investment:

On Course Social Calendar Tool (Value $197)

Launch Planner + Prompt Generator (Value $147)

ACES Method for Prompt Creation (Value $47)

Shuffle Magic (Value $47)

Social Media Analytics Reporting System (Value $47)

Quick Start Guide (Value $27)

BONUS #1: How to grow your authority and build your list using the 4 types of media (Value $47)

BONUS #2: Social Media Powerhouse Series (Value $297)

BONUS #3: Batch it! Automate 3 Months of Content in 1 Week (Value $197)

BONUS #4: Podcast Feed of all content (Value $27)


Today’s Price: ONLY $19

It’s true.

I’m offering this game-changing social media prompt and launch planner at a 


Of course, it’s a special offer that won’t last forever...


Even if it’s not about saving money for you, there are other things at stake...


If you wait to snag this calendar…

That’s one more day you’ll fail to connect with your audience on social media. 

That’s one more launch that won’t quite hit your goal. 

That’s one more student you can’t help.

If you’re not growing your audience and building real relationships with them, waiting another 3 months (OR 6 or 12!) to finally do it means you’ll be winging it (yet again) during your next launch.

Aren’t you tired of crossing your fingers hoping someone comments on a post during cart open?

It’s time to change that. TODAY.

 I know you have questions...

because all good teachers are good students ;)

Is this $19 a month? 

Nope! It’s a ONE time payment of $19. Just 19-buckaroos gets you access to 24 months of prompts (starting with the month you purchased), the dynamic calendar with launch planning, and allllll those magical bonuses!

Why is this soooo cheap!?

Right?! It’s kinda ridiculous, really. But...I want this in as many course creators’ hands as possible! The more courses you sell, the more lives you change. Not only that, but I love giving you a TON of value up front..and hopefully you’ll want to learn even more from me in the future! WIN-WIN.

How much time is required?

Maybe 30 seconds a day?! No, but seriously. From the time you open the calendar to the time you post, it can be that quick! We even teach you how to batch the content monthly in the Bonus: Batch it! You can create on brand content that helps you sell more courses in just 30 seconds a day.

How fast can I expect to see results?

While I don’t promise doubling your audience size or growing your list with 1,000 new emails a day, I can promise that your consistency will produce results over time.

What if I can’t commit to using ON COURSE SOCIAL every day?

That’s totally fine! Show up as MUCH or as LITTLE as your heart desires. This is your business! You can choose what days to post, and you can just ignore the ones you don’t use. Because of our built in shuffle system, you’ll likely get the prompt again on a day you want to post ;) 

How do I make sure I actually do this?

I hear ya on this one! I’ve bought MANY things I never get around to using. But here’s the cool my time helping my own students launch their courses, I found that the most important step is setting a date. And that’s EXACTLY why I created On Course Social to do what it does. Step 1 is to set the date you’ll show up on social media and Step 2 is to set your launch date. you just show up! 

I made this for you. Because I struggled with the same things as a fellow course creator. It’s time to change that.

I don’t use social media at all right now. Will this still work for me?

Maybe you’re finally getting around to using social media for your business...and that’s okay! No judgement here! I believe that On Course Social is perfect for new social media marketers! Because I present it in an easy-to-use format and make sure you only start with ONE platform, it’s great for beginners. Time to start :)  

I already have a bunch of prompts and calendars from other marketers? Will this still work for me?

I know there are a lot of social media prompt calendars and systems out there. Believe me. I tried them. And they failed me! 

I couldn’t stick to the prompts. I found that they were completely disconnected from my course content. And I never felt supported around launch season. It left me high and dry. 

I created this because those products weren’t sensitive to the needs of course creators. 

So you may have other prompts, think of that as another resource bank! If they have some cool prompts I don’t, feel free to add them to your bank ;)

What if I’m not in the United States? Does this product still work?

The calendar prompts work...wherever you are in the world! Social media is International ;)

Now, I do have the US Holidays pre-loaded into the calendar with a related prompt. Customers overseas have found it helpful to have access to that, as many of their clients and customers are in the US. 

However, the calendar is customizable. So you can enter in your own holidays and prompts, which will override any shuffle features (locking in the prompt you write for that day). It also allows you to TURN OFF the holidays feature so you don't need to see 'em if you don't want to!

What social media platforms does On Course Social work for?

You can definitely apply the prompts across channels. Customers are using this tool to post on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, whether they’re live streaming, making videos or just posting prompts. Others are using it to generate ideas for emails, blogs, YouTube videos and podcasts!  

In fact, if you add the 10-Step Re:Purpose System to your cart when you check out, I show you how to create a ton of content from ONE prompt. So ya, it works for all of them ;)

I’m a {coach, consultant, ecomm shop owner, yoga teacher, spiritual guide...etc}. Is this product still applicable?

This calendar system is completely customizable to any business. Every day you’re given a prompt, not a swipe file or done-for-you post. This means you get to riff on whatever you want based on the sentence stem or question I ask of you. You get to add your flair quickly and easily! 

And don’t forget...I have a 30-day money-back guarantee if you find it difficult to make On Course Social work for your business needs.

Do I need any extra software for this to work?

You don’t need any fancy scheduling software to make this calendar tool work. You only need google sheets and your social media platform of choice...and both are free! 

However, if you do want to schedule your content and reuse it again and again, I highly recommend SmarterQueue.

Is there a community with the product?

There is no community specifically for this product. But! I do run a Facebook Group called The Teachers’ Lounge for Online Course Creators. I’m happy to support online course creators using On Course Social there :)

I don’t have a course yet. Do I need this?

If you don’t have a course yet, but you want to launch one within the year, this will help! Just think: if you take control of your social media plan now, when it comes time to launch your beta, your people will be WAITING to enroll. 

And don’t forget...I help people create, launch and sell their BETA courses in Build a Better Beta ;)

Can I use this for launching {group programs, masterminds, live events, new software, etc}?

Yes! I think that any product launch can benefit from a social media plan that helps you show up consistently. Even though I made this with course creators in mind, it works for all types of launches!

Is everything available immediately?

Yes! Instant access (well, as fast as the Interwebs allow). Basically, you’ll receive an email with all the access info you need to get into your portal. If you don’t get that email, just email me!

Do I need a special program to access the materials?

You do need to use Google Sheets to experience the full feature set of On Course Social. We don’t provide excel, csv, pdf, or a trello board (like other similar products on the market) because you wouldn’t be able to utilize the coolest parts of the product: the dynamic calendar that incorporates your launch dates AND allows you to shuffle prompts easily! 

Now, once you confirm your calendar, you could definitely export it as a csv file to import into a planning software or scheduling software or as a pdf to share with your team! But...the initial planning needs to be done in Google Sheets to use the tool to its fullest capacity!

How long can I keep it for?

This content planner is lifetime access to your version.

Can this be accessed without Internet?

Google files can be made available offline. Check out the Google Drive system to learn how!

What if it’s not what I expect?

I stand by my 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days of purchase. 

I’m committed to bringing quality products to the market, so please reach out if you need help or have feedback!

What are you waiting for?
Are you ready to create social media content with ease so that you can sell EVEN more spots in your course when it’s launch time?

Visibility, consistency, and authority…

That’s what it takes to become the go-to expert. 

And that level of influence comes with daily presence. It’s time to grow your audience (and impact) this year with On Course Social.

It’s time to become the go-to expert in your niche, so you can sell more courses and help more people!

One more's what you get:

  • On Course Social Calendar Tool (Value $197)
  • Launch Planner + Prompt Generator (Value $147)
  • ​ACES Method for Prompt Creation (Value $47)
  • ​Shuffle Magic (Value $47)
  • ​Social Media Analytics Reporting System (Value $47)
  • ​Quick Start Guide (Value $27)
  • ​BONUS #1: How to Grow your Authority + Build your List with the 4 Types of Media (Value $47)
  • BONUS #2: Social Media Powerhouse Series (Value $297)
  • ​BONUS #3: Batch it! Automate 3 Months of Content in 1 Week (Value $197)
  • ​BONUS #4: Podcast Feed of all content (Value $27)

TOTAL VALUE = $1,080

But you only pay $19 for all of this...if you join right now!

That's a SCARY number.

Doubt crept in...

What if we don't hit the million dollar mark? 

Can I actually find enough entrepreneurs willing to commit? 



What if we actually book 25,000 course spots in a week?

Yup. We can do a million-dollar launch... TOGETHER.

Let's not leave the million-dollar launches to the big wigs, the gurus, the folks whose courses we all own ;)

Let's get the first one under our belt so we can feel into it!

I want you to come out of this week with 5 new students and some cash in the bank.

What would you do if you actually got to run your course sooner than you thought possible, without all the tech overwhelm?

And how fun would it be to do this all together in a huge community event... where we're all working together towards a big goal?

The question is...DO YOU WANT IN?

I'm looking for at least 500 entrepreneurs who are committed and ready to enroll their first students.

Course creators who are willing to take action and work together as a community in one massive, course-selling event.

If you're an action-taker AND...

  • your audience is begging you to teach
  • you're sitting on a course idea 
  • you want to fill your course...

I'd love for you join us on September 24th!


We'll have 3 LIVE Workshops to prepare for filling your roster!

Monday, September 24th

9:00AM PT

Why everything you have ever heard about course creation is wrong!
VIDEO #2: 
Your Student 


Tuesday, September 25th 9:00AM PT
How to get your students A+ results without overwhelming them OR you!

VIDEO #3: 

Filling those Seats

Wednesday, September 26th 9:00AM PT

How to enroll your first students without feeling sales-y!

And if that’s not enough...

check out what a snippet of 7000+ customers 

have to say about using On Course Social!